About Us


At MITALOO, we make products that support women. Our high-quality, non-slip self-adhesive bras respond to your body’s unique shape, ensuring you never fear the clothes you want to wear.


For the modern woman looking for an invisible bra that won’t let her down, MITALOO is a category-leading brand that offers high-quality, self adhesive backless bras that ensure free movement and unlimited outfit options. Our product inspires confidence without compromising comfort and is well-loved by more than 838,000 customers worldwide.


To empower women everywhere to step into the world with confidence, grace, and a style that is uniquely theirs.


We believe every woman deserves to feel sexy and comfortable in her own skin, whether she is dressing up for a girls’ night out or heading to a first date. We know that the right bra hasthe power to bring a woman’s whole look together, and the wrong one can leave her feeling distracted, concerned, and even unable to wear what she truly wants.

At MITALOO we decided to change that. As the leading direct-to consumer self-adhesive bra brand, we strive to build confidence in women by designing products that fit into their lifestyle, not the other way around. Our goal is for each woman to express herself freely, discovering her unique style without everfeeling constrained by the lines, straps or shape of a limiting bra.

At MITALOO, we champion self-love and body appreciation. When awoman buys her first MITALOO bra, we want her to feel free: free to wear what she wants, free to look how she wants, and free to be who she wants.

Tap into your playful side without any restrictions and discover the sensation of MITALOO freedom. Our bras blend invisibly behind backless tops, deep-plunge dresses, and even daily essentials— a true must-have for every Girlboss. Become who you were born to be. It all starts with a MITALOO bra.